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This was shared from our biker group with the comment “Only the French could do something like this…”

I was mesmerized.


The beginner puppy classes concluded this evening. Everyone received a diploma and the instructor took polaroids of all the “students” in a graduation cap. This activity actually took the majority of the class time, because in addition to reading all the graduating class names, the entire diploma was read for each student as well. Both Dixie and Duncan do exceptionally well at all instructions and commands…. as long as there are no distractions. (ahem)

Love at first site and then someThey will miss all the puppies they socialized with for the past 2 months. Many relationships developed and prospered in this environment. Like Kelly and Molly.

And Dixie and Odie (well, Dixie and Duncan with anybody, actually).

As I was toweling myself off after my shower this morning I began giggling at the tune/rythym that I was shimmying my towel to:
“It must be jelly cuz’ jam don’t shake like that.”

I plowed down to the surface of my “work” table at home…I admit I had to resort to an almost overflowing laundry basket to accomplish that feat, but still! Whee! A clean surface to pile things on again!

I finally realized why *I* could see the images, but no one else could. I was copying the URL from the preview screen thinking that I was uploading the image to the Yahoo blog site. Um….no. It created a dummy reference to the file on my computer.

Once I realized that (and that it is picky case-sensitive!), I copied the files to my live server and as long as the server is up, they will be visible.

Sometimes I feel like a bewildered Luddite surrounded by technology I can scarcely use.

Thanksgiving 2006 Group

Liam, Jess, Conor, Stephen, Eddy, Jeremy, Phil, Kali

I am even fluffier today than I was before, but I shall persevere in the goal of a healthier less of me. I pulled out my BC_investigator sheet and began filling them in again a couple days ago. I discovered I had not been including my vitamins in this week’s pill set and once I began taking them, the annoying eye tic went away. Another DUH! moment.

The 3rd pie is in the oven. It’s an apple and raisin one, but that doesn’t matter. It is the _last_ one and that DOES matter. 

On another note, I must have skipped a step when I added an image to the earlier post and it is not appearing now. Bummer.

So I fixed it…I hope.

Image Not fat, not pregnant (now there’d be a miracle for you!), just “fluffy.”

For whatever reason, the result is the same. I am “fluffier” than a Dolly Parton wig at the moment. The “fluff” is relatively proportional, so with a careful eye to presentation and carriage, (my mother and sister taught me well on that) I can look less fluffy than I actually am. But *I* know better. I would feel better with less fluff – which, unfortunately, is heavier than Dolly’s wig. Her hair is puffed with air while I am puffed with (ahem) substance.

I am less obsessed about my weight now that I am in the “mature woman” stage of life. It has truly (finally!) sunk in that the number on the scale is not who I am. It is a number. That does not mean I am complaisant about it. Just not nutzo – the definition of which depends on which side of the bathroom door you are on, I know!

menopause, the musical

Last night we went to see a production of “Menopause, the Musical” at the Lowell Auditorium. I laughed so hard my eyes were leaking and I had trouble catching my breath. The parodies of familiar songs were brilliantly choreographed. The Tina Turner “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” sung in Tina’s short leather dress while another cavorted about in  black lingerie and a bright red vibrating dildo brought the house down.”Tropical Heat Wave” became “Tropical Hot Flash” and “Puff the Magic Dragon” was cleverly adapted to “Puff, My God, I’m Dragging”!

So of course I bought the CD. And was royally pissed the parodies weren’t included. BUMMER!

The sold out Lowell Auditorium had about 3 times the # of seats the Boston playhouse had…I would love to see it again in that more intimate environment. And maybe with another group of women. Poor hubby Stephen and Chris’ hubby Tom didn’t get most of the hysteria and black humor of it all. We were surrounded by “well-scented” (nice one at a time, but so much on so many!) women who were definitely “Living Out Loud” in their enjoyment. I was worried when the lady behind me laughed herself into hiccups but with a whoop and a cackle, she breathed again.

excerpted from the web site:
Menopause The Musical® (MTM) all started in a tiny 76-seat perfume-shop-turned-theatre in Orlando, Fla., on March 28, 2001. Four women at a Bloomingdale’s lingerie sale with nothing in common but a black lace bra and hot flashes, night sweats, memory loss, chocolate binges, not enough sex, too much sex, and more. A joyful parody of 25 re-lyricized classic baby boomer hits, the 90-minute show features such chart-toppers as “I Heard It Thru the Grapevine; You No Longer See 39” and the disco favorite “Stayin’ Awake! Stayin’ Awake!”

Good Night Irene Serendipity is having a co-worker who is a bibliophile with similar tastes to mine. I may be more eclectic than she is in reading tastes, but then, she is a rabid Bruins fan whereas I vaguely acknowledge that hockey exists, so maybe we really are even.

Recently she purged her library (or tried to, anyway) in preparation for an upcoming move. She showed me several bags of books to consider. One very full bag came home with me. The rest were duplicates of my own stash…but hers were HARDCOVER. I lust for hardback books. I tend to treat them better than paperbacks .

How did we get to discussing authors? I am so bad at remembering names (including authors, unfortunately – I can scan the beginning and end text and recall the intervening material, but usually cannot remember who wrote it) that I can’t recall how it came about that she suggested a new author, and even proffered an initial entry novel in paperback for me to try.

She has not seen “my” library of paperbacks. She might have reconsidered the loan if she had. I cavalierly dog-ear pages to hold my place. I had to forcibly remind myself that it was *not* okay to do that with her paperback.

I returned the book this morning, dog-ear free.

I have been thinking about updating and restarting my blog from a couple years ago. But the database is incompatible with the current server set-up, the program source files and reference text are missing, and I wanted it to be “perfect” — a reflection of my skillset, my personal illusions, and…and…


That whole “better to light a candle than curse the darkness” thing …um…maybe it has a point…

Someday I will get around to resurrecting the blog but for own, this will do.

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