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Have you ever noticed how one item in a photo or sign grabs your eyes to the exclusion of all else? The other three-quarters of the image may as well not exist for all the attention it gets. Flipping through recent photos, looking for ones to print, etc, these ‘pairs’ flashed, scorching my eyeballs. Side-by-side comparisons I do not need…

My sister and I learned this ditty in Girl Scouts. When you are 10 and don’t even *have* boobs, it’s funny. Nowadays, not so much.


I know I am supposed to provide tags for my entries, but I absolutely refuse to add ‘boobs’ to my tag cloud.

In a Twilight Zone episode back in the early 80’s (seriously last century stuff!) a man got lost. In a moment of weakness, decided to ask for help at the next house with lights on. The resident whipped out his GPS module and showed the man which turns would get him where he wanted to go.

In the 1980’s, such a device was unheard of. My mind boggled at the mammoth amount of data and computing power needed for this card-deck-sized device. I lusted after one. I have been known to get myself turned around and lost while going in a straight line. Yes, I totally lusted while waiting impatiently for the technology and data to become available.

2D mapsFor me to travel anywhere unfamiliar, I would amass maps, write out the turns, highlight the route, and practice it in virtual mode several times before going out the door. If there were any detours on the route that I was not pre-prepared for, I just turned around and went home.

Google maps and Map Quest were decided improvements over that system. But I still could get lost and freak out about not being able to find my way back home.

Finally, I got my own GPS device. It took almost 30 years, but I got one and suddenly I discovered a freedom so intoxicating, a peace so comforting…I knew I would always be able to find my way back home again.

The Tomtom One is an older model, but it works fine for my needs (mostly). I can locate nearby restaurants, pharmacies, shopping centers, gas stations, movie theaters, and more. Sometimes I drive around with it on, even though I know where I am going, just so I can (hopefully) familiarize myself with the surrounding streets.

But wait, it gets even better.

My Droid phone allows me to tell it an address and it will provide visual and verbal directions to navigate me there. I know. Lots of you are used to this. I am still in the flabbergasted happy-dance phase.

Scotty would have been so pleased.

The North Shore Yarn Crawl 2011 is currently going on. A dozen fiber stores are listed. I went to seven of them over Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon. In the fog and rain. I got lost several times. But I got to every single one I targeted. Go me!

Even when the GPS is wrong, or updates its map too late for me to change course, or otherwise craps out on me, I still trust it to get me back home.

The GPS system has been a Great Enabler for me. I heart GPS navigation!

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