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in more ways than one!

Warning! Techie stuff ahead! Turn back while you can! (Or at least scroll after the good stuff!)

As we (that is the royal “we” referencing my company) move closer and closer to the latest “drop-dead” deliverable date (originally 7/1 and creeping, creeping ever later) for the new website— tempers fray, hours are extended, solutions are revised and edited, compromises are drafted and ‘tweaked’ over and over again.

I am in a serious love-hate relationship with my job. I enjoy “what” I do. I do *not* enjoy how many hours I am required to do it in. Am I at the breaking point? I admit I am getting closer to it than ever before.

In part, it is because we have not *one* major initiative, we have THREE. They all require the same resource personnel. While they should be built sequentially, the executive directive is that they must needs be developed concurrently.

Hmmm… I cannot build “a” until the platform for “a” is built. The platform for “a” requires another system to be incorporated into the accounts-payable and warehouse-deliverable systems before “a” can function. And we are supposed to deliver these concurrently?? I did ask…

Sorry. That was goobly-gook to most, I am sure. Think like this: You cannot take a train to Mayberry Station until the tracks and the Mayberry station are built, yes? Then you can print schedules, advertise rates, and promote the lovely times to be had in Mayberry.

In this case, *I* represent Mayberry and the lovely times to be had there. If you live in Whoozit-Illinois, I cannot tell you how to get to Mayberry fun and frolic until there is a way for you to actually *get* to Mayberry. Furthermore, I cannot extol the benefits of Mayberry to you, until I know who *you* are and *where* you are.

This is my current hell-hole.

It means that I have been too crazy-busy to keep up with the hedges, the yard, flowers, gardens, and (horrors! the shame!) the actual DATE. I missed a VIP birthday…a cherished VIP birthday because I was at least 5 days behind the actual date.


The other “overbooked” part is Frank’s book. My company began 40 years ago. One of the original founding members now holds title. I forget if Frank is now the CEO or the Board President, but his personality has stamped the company personality for the last 39 years (this last year has been um…*different*).

At first, I got some help gathering and scanning photos. Several people gave memories to include. (I love doing these things!) However, the very areas needed to develop the book were overbooked themselves. I wrote content and prayed. I spent three days trying to get it uploaded for printing, finally resorting to talking DH through the process while I was in NJ for the (awesome!) concert.

I hope it arrives in time for the Anniversary party on Thursday. I am the photographer (when will they ever learn??). We hope to present the memory book then. I am on needles and pins until it arrives!

Pix of my terrific weekend at DDS and DSis concert coming tomorrow. It was a frickin’ AWESOME event!

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