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Do you know what a gravity pocket is? Do you know what they do? A recent Eureka episode featured gravity pockets and several people told me they thought of me when they saw it.

This is a plain pair of gravity vortexes, also known as gravity pockets.

Isn’t it nice to be associated with heavy gravity and physical ineptitude? I can hardly blame them for I regularly provide demonstrations of my affinity with gravity pockets. I fall down when laughing hard, I fall down walking on a level sidewalk. I even trip over cut grass!

Fat ankle!

Fat ankle!

This is an image of what generally results from my interaction with gravity pockets.

Yup. Did it again. Out walking the dogs, level sidewalk, both puppies behaving and whoops! The ankle went a no-show, returning only after I made firm contact with the concrete sidewalk. Ahh… scabby knees of a fourth grader, my distant past revisited.

My ankle loudly complained but I figured it was merely a twist and I could ‘walk it off.’


Serious bad idea, that was! I lurched and hobbled the next few blocks, as blood from the scraped knee slowly tracking down my shins. So mature. (sigh) By the time we reached home I was in serious pain discomfort.

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