I finally realized why *I* could see the images, but no one else could. I was copying the URL from the preview screen thinking that I was uploading the image to the Yahoo blog site. Um….no. It created a dummy reference to the file on my computer.

Once I realized that (and that it is picky case-sensitive!), I copied the files to my live server and as long as the server is up, they will be visible.

Sometimes I feel like a bewildered Luddite surrounded by technology I can scarcely use.

Thanksgiving 2006 Group

Liam, Jess, Conor, Stephen, Eddy, Jeremy, Phil, Kali

I am even fluffier today than I was before, but I shall persevere in the goal of a healthier less of me. I pulled out my BC_investigator sheet and began filling them in again a couple days ago. I discovered I had not been including my vitamins in this week’s pill set and once I began taking them, the annoying eye tic went away. Another DUH! moment.