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Memories are wonderful. Photos are like tangible memories. Tangible memories are even better. They can refresh memories, they can share memories, and they can enhance memories by providing details and color clarity.

I try not to live through my camera lens. I want to know the memory in REAL-time, not just from behind a lens. But once I get past that, I want to be able to savor the memory long after it began. I make prints of some of the memories to share with others, and to put them into scrap books and photo albums. One memory feeds on others and then becomes a ribbon of time to cherish long after the original event.

Like the time I first husked corn for Sunday dinner, repeated now in a new generation:

Shucking Corn

Shucking Corn

I remember the tire swings made from old tractor tires:


The older cousins introduced the younger ones to the mysteries of local wildlife:

The newest to the clan gets passed hand-to-hand, snuggle-to-hug:

There was more than work on the agenda. Besides, scraping and painting the exterior, there were trips to the local Country Store. The Vermont Country Store features Penny Candy which is now (ahem) higher than several pennies, and games and toys from the last century or so that still captivate the rug rat set:CountryStore

I’m back at work with a vengeance… but having these memories still fresh makes a huge difference in remembering some of the real priorities in my life.

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