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Lemonade that is homemade from natural, organically-grown lemons is the best summertime beverage EVER. Because true garden-variety lemonade is rather rare nowadays (what with all the frozen concoctions, instant mixers, and carbonated blends readily available) you might not know what goes in to making it from scratch.

Liam and Aidan are delighted to share their recipe. They will not join us until the important parts later on.

First, you need to find a juicer. Everybody used to have a juicer, but as they collected dust from lack of use, most ended up in garage sales, or the trash. So, off to the food store to pick one up along with the organic lemons.

Found the lemons, but no juicers. Off to Wal-Mart, where replacing those 99-cent glass juicers comes with a large sticker shock. Yes, most are fancier with measure marking on the side along with the original handy pour spout. The manual ones range from $9.99 stoneware to stainless steel and ceramic ones for $136.00 (there were higher priced ones but they must have been collector items — who would pay $1350.00 for a home juicer?) The plastic and glass Wal-mart model was just fine, thank you very much.

Pack up juicer, lemons (what the heck, throw in a couple limes, too, just in case we want Mojitos later), check for sugar, car keys, etc., and drive to the lemonade-making facility, also known as our grandkids house.

First is dinner. Yumm. Thank you, grampa!

Clean up and clear off and NOW it is

First, the lemonade team assembles the ingredients, squishes LOTS of lemons (but no limes this time) until one cup of pure lemon juice is obtained. It is at this point Jess and her dad had to do a quick calculation on the container size required. Since this makes 64 ounces of lemonade, the gallon water jug is probably too big. After a brief, intense, math moment, a clean half-gallon jug was found to pour the ingredients into.

One cup of sugar is measured. A paper cone is quickly made (green triangle in lower left of photo) to assist in pouring the sugar into the small opening of the jug bottle.
Lemonade Teamwork

Water is measured and poured. There were six cups of water, (the boys took turns) but I am sure if you are following along on this, the half gallon container will help you know when you have enough water added.

Now, I would love to show you a glass of the finished product, but it was scarfed down almost immediately. It was FABulous! And the princess* approved.

*Liam corrected me this evening. Her name is “Hop-Docious” not just “Docious.”

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