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Dave is still our newest best friend. He arrives around 7 (ouch!) every morning and works through until 5-6PM. The image from this morning suffered from solar glare, while this evening’s photo reflects overcast and early twilight lighting.

The fancy-schmancy medallion is where the path to the street and the one to the driveway intersect. It didn’t add much (relatively) to the overall cost, either.

This remodeling activity has developed quite a stir in the neighborhood. Neighbors slow down to check progress. One stopped me this evening as I returned home to tell me how impressed she was with the difference this renovation made to our house and street. Her car idled in the middle of the street as she continued her comments. She had liked the forsythias, but they had been in front of out house practically since it was built over 45 years ago. This was EXCITING!

DH says the local school bus drivers drove down our street a few times and one stopped to stare at the change. People walking dogs, children coming home from school, even the local precinct cars make regular runs by our house to check for changes. Dixie and Duncan LOVE the panorama!

And this is only the 6th day. If all goes well, the project will be completed between the 14th and 18th workday, weather permitting. Dave (our new best friend) works 6 days out of 7. Go Dave!

This was an early morning, not-quite-awake shot of the progress for the Rock Wall Report.

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