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My very first pair of tie-up socks! Toe-up socks were on my Resolutions for 2008, but I didn’t quite get to it (ahem). I have been knitting a lot, but sending things out as they were finished and forgetting to take pictures, so how would you know? These are just off the needles AND I remembered to take photos.

I wouldn’t have gotten to trying toe-ups but everything else was in limbo…for example, the Tree of Life Afghan (my modifications to a misunderstood pattern finally caught up with me 2/3rds of the way through) has been in time-out. The Coachella shell has been put down for so long that I need serious brain time to figure out where I am in it. Work has guaranteed that I have NO brain time left once I finally get home. I started a pair of 2-color winter trees wrist warmers for Susan but that has had serious frogging issues so it is back in time-out. (See brain issue above.)

What to do, what to do? I finally finished the sleeping sack for Docious, and knit up 2 pairs of baby booties (in different sizes) to go with it. What could I work on that wasn’t too hot for summer knitting? I have a beaded cowl for the upcoming holidays in that category but…um… plus see brain issue above.

Enter the toe-up sock book… It had both the basic pattern for toe-up knitting PLUS the pedicure sock (socklet?) pattern. Starting was a bitch. I had to restart a bazillion times but I finally managed to get the turkish cast-on past row three and from there on I was off to the races.

The only hiccup was the pattern I began on the instep. Once I got past the heel, I couldn’t figure out how to start it all around the leg, so it just runs up the front side of the socks.

There was yarn left over, so I made the short pedi-socks. They are not short tubes like a dancer might use on the balls of their feet. They actually have a “big toe” tube section and a “the rest of the piggies” section. No one at work “got” the pedi-sock thing. I hope LaMoon does because I made them for her… seems the last pair of socks I made for her were absconded by one of my nieces…

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