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After talking about going to the NH Sheep and Wool Festival with #1 grandson for over a month, the day we ended up going was at best, a gray day, but more often, beyond silly to ridiculous downpours. I looked into a couple other things we could do instead of the Sheep & Wool Festival, but he was wearing a t-shirt with sheep on it in honor of our trip and I decided not to even bring other options up. If he was game, so was I. In the end, his rubber boots got a great work out (almost totally dry socks!)! So did the umbrella he insisted on bringing that I didn’t want but was so glad he had!

We experimented with wet felting.

We hardly needed the pan of water. Except for the squirt of mild dishsoap, I had more than enough liquid in my pants and shoes. Limp wool, little plastic beads, and fluffy roving became something so much more.

He was on a mission to buy a small stuffed puppy for his brothers upcoming birthday, so I was able to browse a lot of the (inside – yeah!) vendors. We saw spinning, weaving, roving, and freshly shorn fleece. We followed a quartet of lambs, two black and two white, through the 4-H building. Liam says one yelled “mmbaaah!” at him. How he could be sure with all the sheep and lamb vocalizing going on, I have no idea!

None of the cute puppies or other small stuffed animals fit his small budget, although we did enjoy looking. I saw a felted mermaid I would love to have given my sister but it was out of both of our budgets! Worth every penny, I am sure.

We were trying to hang in until the sheepdog trials, but the sky truly opened at that point and it was cancelled. As we slowly trudged back to the car with Liam walking, skipping, and jumping in the ever-larger puddles and streams, I realized that while I was well and truly sopping wet, I was not freezing. Good thing. Liam had a complete change of clothes in the car (thanks, Jess!) but I did not.

We agreed to try this Sheep and Wool thing again in the fall or next spring, hoping for better weather.

I should be working on the Westford Chorus Playbill, or in bed because tomorrow comes too early and I have had a cold and too little sleep but…

Today’s joy was spending time with Liam, Aidan, and Docious and their parents who spent the night with us. I had to return to work midday, but I had the morning with them and returned for dinner with them at home instead of at their place.

That was a long lead-in for the conversation Liam and I had after dinner…

“More chocolate!”

“No, Liam, you have already had two chocolates.”

“I can still reach them.”

You are right. I will help you by putting them up where you cannot reach them.”

“But I can climb on a stool and get to them.”

“Hmmm…this is true. I will move them again.”

“I can climb a chair and reach them, see?”

“Just because you CAN reach reach them does not change the fact that you are not allowed any more.”

“I can wait until you are not looking and sneak up to reach them.”

“Just because you CAN, does not make it right. If you take something you know you are not supposed to have, it is like stealing.”

(crest-fallen face)
“But I WANT more chocolate.”

“Chocolate is good, isn’t it? Even if you can get more, and even if you can do it without anyone knowing except you, it would still be wrong.”

(serious upset face, brow furrowed trying to reason a way around the logic)
“But I WANT it.”

“The two pieces you had were delicious, right? When I have trouble not having more of something I like, I have to find something else to do to take my mind off it. Like…read a book.”

“I’ll still want it.”

“Probably. Which book would you like to try?”

This conversation went on a bit longer, but eventually he was trundled off home to his own bed (still protesting, but weakly).

The best part? It was more a dialog than a tantrum. He listened and heard my answers and tried to create a solution that met objectives. That is one smart four-year-old kid.


Liam has requested a pajama hat to wear at night. He described a long cone-shaped hat with a tassel at the end. Using his crayons, markers and colored pencils, he showed me the colors to use, and that the tassel needed to be white (he got a  black piece of paper so it would show up).

Since there was a yarn sale going on at the online co-op and the yarn company makes really good stuff, I asked Liam to help me select yarn for it. He looked at the sale yarn online, compared colorways to his color ‘chart’ and selected a specific blend.

As we were leaving (this was at last week’s regular dinner visit) Liam wanted to know if I was done making his pajama hat yet.

Explaining to a 4-year-old that the yarn hadn’t been shipped in the 2 hours since he requested it, nor had I whipped up a hat in that time was a reality check for him… that bounced. He glumly agreed to wait a little longer.

Liam likes his practice pajama hat, but the real one should 'be down to here' (hip level), he says.

Liam likes his practice pajama hat, but the real one should 'be down to here' (hip level), he says.

I did not have the colors he asked for in my current stash. I didn’t have an actual ‘pattern’ either. This is a first draft, a practice pajama hat to tide him over until the real yarn gets here and I can make a better one more to his specifications… as in, make it longer, and please don’t forget the tassel, okay?

Liam is generous in showing appreciation. He made me (well, me and grampa, and uncle Phil) bookmarks out of an index card, decorated with a Mickey Mouse sticker and mine also had a really good flower drawing. He ‘wrapped’ the gifts in colored construction paper and gave them to us tonight.

They have all been getting into the Halloween holiday spirit, decorating windows and walls with jack-o-lanterns… next Wednesday we will do real PUMPKINS!

Getting into the Halloween holiday spirit!

Getting into the Halloween holiday spirit!

Have you ever wondered about what Batman and Robin like to eat? Has it ever crossed your mind that they could have interests outside of fighting crime?

In a recent interview I asked them these question.

Thank you for joining us. Um…who is who, here? I mean, your crime fighting capes are very similar. Do you ever get confused who is who?

Aidan/Robin: Batman and Robin!

Liam/Batman: He is Robin. I’M Batman.

Aidan/Robin: Batman Robin!

Thank you for clearing that up. Do you have hobbies? I mean, what do you like to do when you aren’t out fighting crime?

Aidan/Robin: Batman Robin!

Liam/Batman: We have these really neat Legos. LOTS of Legos. We make sharks and tractors and helicopters and things.

Aidan/Robin: Up! Under!

Legos community

Legos community

Liam/Batman: Mom and grampa make things, too. Jake isn’t very good at it. That’s probably because he is a dog and doesn’t know how to do Legos. Remy is bad at Legos. He eats them.

Aidan/Robin: Yumm!

Liam/Batman: No, not yumm! When he eats the pieces we have to throw them out.

Aidan/Robin: Oh.

Speaking of food, what foods do you like, Liam, I mean, Batman?

Liam/Batman: Everything. Well, lots of things. I like to cook! Aidan, I mean Robin, helps. We cook pies and cookies and make lemonade from real lemons.

Aidan/Robin: Yumm! Pie!

Liam/Batman: We have apples. Gramma says there is enough for pie. (is 5 apples enough gramma? They are? Hurray! Make a pie with us?)

Watching Batman and Robin bake a pie is an education. The teamwork is impressive!

Liam/Batman: You can wash the apples and I will dry them, okay?

Aidan/Robin: Okay.

Liam/Batman: Are there enough apples for us to have a tiny bite of apple? Maybe a really, really, tiny bitty bite?

Liam/Batman: I know where the pie pans are!

Aidan/Robin: Pie!

Liam/Batman: After we wash the apples and they are sliced, we put them in the pie pan. We dump other stuff on top, cover it with a pie crust and take turns using a fork on the edges. Press down and pull out. Not so hard Aidan! I mean, Robin.

Aidan/Robin: Down and off. Down and pull off, Down and…

Liam/Batman: There is leftover crust to make an ‘L’ and an ‘A’ to put on the top of the pie (Please don’t eat my ‘L this time, gramma!)

In the oven… smells yummy!

The first entry in the Batman & Robin cookbook is ‘Awesome Apple Pie.’

It is, too!

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