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Life has been jolly here in the Great ‘Up Nawth’… yup, just chock full of work, deadlines, work, web content revisions, broken dreams code, CSS hell, work, and…

Grandsons were asked for a photo, and they promptly presented this view:

Then they asked to take a picture of gramma:
Ahem…Short people have a different perspective… 🙂

Hmmm… there were more but I decided to go upstairs and spend time with the newest rug rat who continues to charm and delight all:

Beautiful, happy, and healthy... Docious!

Beautiful, happy, and healthy... Docious!

I sang her to sleep again…and again… and wondered if it was my voice that lulled her or a defense mechanism that tuned me out? Don’t care. I enjoy singing to the little ‘uns. Always have.

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