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On the positive side, hobbling about was *much* easier and far less painful (though not painless) with it on.

Going through security at the airport they escorted me to the head of the line.

When they called early boarding passengers, I got to hobble on the plane early going down to NJ for the 4th annual Bird House Open Mic at my sisters’ and on the way back home, too.

I could threaten people with how I got it and how I could use it. 🙂

After two days of total bootedness, rest, ice, and elevation (the company I kept over the weekend is also included in the elevatedness) I am now back at work with just an elastic brace. Only a slight limp remains. Still swollen, but not so much. Still sore, but not so much.

A glorious weekend (music, movies, family, friends, food, fabulous weather etc., etc. etc.) all around! Film at 11…

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