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I write a lot of blog entries in church that never make it into an actual blog entry. Usually it is the second sermon syndrome where I am there with the choir singing 2 services, hearing the same sermon for the second time. Today I had no such excuse.

Today was filled with Elsie. Elsie, the one who hates her picture taken: “go take one of the young and pretty kids and stop wasting your film on old ladies like me” (she knows it is digital, not film, but considers that irrelevant). I tell her I want images of her hands as she works her magic in the kitchen and she whisks them behind her back.

Today Elsie raised a joy in our sharing joys and concerns prayer time. She said a child who had been one of her youth group kids 25 years ago was driving by as she and her husband were cleaning up the yard in Saturday’s glorious spring-like sunshine. Her voice was filled with surprise and amazement that he stopped to say hello. Imagine… after all that time to still remember and (gasp!) recognize her.

Oh, Elsie. I don’t know what you see in your mirror, but I know what I see when I look at you. I rather think that young man saw the same things…

When I look at Elsie I see caring and I feel happy memories. I see the difference she made in my life… by her example showing me how to act and react to those around me with grace and dignity, humility and confidence. Her work showed me that one person *can* make a difference that matters for more than a moment in time.

When I look at her I see a person who makes me feel good, welcome, and whole inside. I see the glow of bone-deep beauty. I see joy.

Why can’t we make mirrors like that?

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