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Remember when you first felt the attraction? The electricity racing across your skin and your heart pounding erratically made it hard to think about anything but your new infatuation. Sinking into their eyes (open or shut) began a well of warmth that bubbled, and sometimes exploded with sparkler brilliance. Wordlessly you contemplated one another.

Can we talk?

Can we talk?

I was there to see your first smile (gas be damned!) and I will be there to see your happy feet punching and pounding the swaddling blankets. I’ll share my french fries, ice cream, toast, books, music, and crayons with you.

I’ve heard it said that having children was like learning to live with your heart outside your body. I remember cringing with each misstep, aching with each trauma that I could not ‘fix’ or make better with a kiss. Letting them fall, excel, fail, learn, and grow into competent, confident selves was a joy and a terror I wouldn’t have missed for the world. I was blessed with the BEST children in the world. Anyone else has a hard act to follow and yet…

Grandchildren are something else indeed. Knowing how the story goes means I can spend more time just enjoying *them* without worrying, second-guessing, and agonizing quite so much. I spend less time worrying about the consequences of an occasional ice cream for breakfast and more time enjoying the wonder of each ‘new” they encounter. I spend less time constructing each of their experiences into a learning lesson and more time just enjoying them exploring their world and encouraging them to tell me about it.

I fall in love with my own children all over again when I spend time with my grandchildren. I believe that the love affair with your children never ends (it gets strained from time to time, but it never ends).

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