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Sometimes, the frog isn’t a single, procrastinated thing. Sometimes it is just showing up when you would SO rather… uh… not. Sometimes it is a long, drawn-out thing that you just have to keep plugging away at when all you really want to do is run away (anywhere!) screaming. Or sleep. Yeah, sleep would be good.

That was me showing up late to work today (migraine be damned! and take major meds) for a meeting I felt was important enough to be there for. But… the one who set the meeting called in sick. Once I was there, I stayed and plowed through some of the pieces of the mountain, trying to dig out of the mine I am buried in. (Was it only a week ago I still thought it possible to come back from the time deficit?)

This work project is not a frog, it’s a frickin’ elephant that we pretend can be tamed, channeled, put back on a timetable, and delivered on time.

Talk about denial! Usually denial is my happy place, but not this time. This is a moving, morphing headache place. A time sink.

On the positive side, I am not having major anxiety attacks, just stress concerns that I can set aside for most of my time out of the office. Yes, I have begun to work at home again. I tried really hard not, but the choice was to stay in the office till “oh-dark-thirty”, or bring it home. I am bringing it home. Otherwise I’d never get around to doing laundry!

This is a frog I get to eat over and over and over and over…..and…

I remember that a lot of life is just the showing up for it. There’s the Good (new granddaughter), the Bad (impossible workload) and the Ugly (crappy weather). And music and knitting and puppies and hubby and awesome grown children and STUFF!

Thanks. I feel better now.

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