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It pays to start ’em young. Clark Kent was a super tot. Wonder Woman was born to the breed. Today there are everyday heroes in our midst. It helps if you wear a cape.

Super Liam working with his home team

Super Liam working with his home team

Here is the email I received earlier today that just about had me bust my buttons (I am not wearing a button-up shirt, but you know what I mean!) —

Hi Everyone,

Liam is riding his tricycle in his first PMC Kids Ride this Sunday to support cancer research and treatment at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. We need your support to make a difference for adults and children who are battling cancer. A friend’s daughter was treated there and is now doing extremely well. Please visit his profile at sponsor Liam’s ride.

Thank you!
Liam & family!

One of his favorite shows is Wonderpets. Their theme song lyrics include:
“What’s going to work? TEAMWORK!”

At four, he already knows that a lot of people giving even a little bit makes a BIG difference. So, if you can, would you? Give just a little bit?

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