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It is the Friend that never, ever, leaves…

I really like it, and it really *really* likes me. It wraps around my belly and thighs, coats my calves and upper arms… the aroma carries me up stairs, and down halls into its presence. I wear a sappy, sometimes slightly drooly smile as I come into its presence.

I remember my first experience with Friendship Bread. This was *so* ‘last century’ that it was before gallon-size zip-lock bags were available to ‘mush’ and ‘grow’ it in. We had Tupperware. Burp it regularly, and it was a great container. Forget to burp and —KABLOOWIE! Exploded starter mix all over counters, oozing down cabinets, dripping off under-cabinet lighting fixtures, splattering nearby walls…

Ahem…you know how *that* story ended…

And still I lusted for it. I actively searched out how to make the starter on my own, but it was so labor intensive (well, more like I actually had to pay attention to it over an extended period of time and you know that that just isn’t a strong point with me!) that I just waited for another innocent to gift me some. I knew it wouldn’t be long once a coworker got some before they begged me to take some of the resultant stash off their hands.

Google has supplied me with tons more information on Friendship Bread. You can make cookies, streusel, and you can freeze it. It actually can be used *anytime* just like a counter top sourdough mix.

It turns out that Friendship Bread (etc.) is one of those things that I enjoy making more than I actually enjoy eating it. I make loaves that I bring into work. I get all sorts of strokes from the sugar-cinnamon people (there are a LOT of them on our floor!), it gets eaten within hours of being made, and I get it out of the house. There is a win-win-win there, folks! I get to do the whole ‘Suzy Homemaker’ thing without totally blowing my diet. (I save other things for that!)

Remember the ‘freezing’ part? I now have a full DOZEN starter bags in the freezer waiting to be called into service. As long as the freezer capacity can handle it, this is definitely the way for me to go!

Let me know if you want some!

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