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One knits a LOT, the other hadn’t picked up needles in years. One made baby blankets (the second one will carry him to college – it turned out a mite big). For this infant, a multicolored yarn was selected which the made the finished piece look far more complicated than it actually was. The other took the most advanced beginners knitting booklet I have ever seen and commenced knitting up a tri-colored honeycomb pattern. The pattern called for a hand set-in zipper, sleeves, and a hood to create a sleeping bag for the new baby. Beginner, my foot!
Leslie Knits Docious Blanket

It was a slow-to-knit pattern that called for changing colors frequently. It was looking gorgeous but… although the dear infant was born in late summer, it was obvious that he would outgrow it before it could be of much practical use. She did continue to work on it on the grounds that there would be other grandchildren. And a couple years later there was another member to add to the growing family. She knit more and more often and completed the left and right front (the back had already been finished) and began the sleeves… but with small hands reaching for hugs or tiny voices whisper-giggling in her ear to come play – heck! – away go the needles, let the fun begin!

How she adored her grandchildren who adored her right back. As a nurse by profession, her advice was often sought by the newly-made mom and dad. This grandma was an incredible cook and hostess. Many holiday meals were held at her ample household.

The other grandma came every Wednesday for dinner and often on weekends, too, taking over whatever household chore looked like it needed doing so mom and dad could concentrate on dinner, diapers, or an occasional much-needed nap. She was happy to help in any way she could, knowing her own strengths and weaknesses, and trying not to intervene –  mom and dad were doing just fine.

The grandma of the unfinished infant sleeping bag took a knitting sabbatical to address her own health issues. As she lay in hospice care the young boys gathered around her to show her their pictures, photos, puzzles, and tell her about the birds outside her window.

She left the sleeping bag pieces to me, the knitting grandma, trusting me to knit up the hood, the last remaining piece of the sleeping bag. In all honesty, I cursed her for leaving me a bazillion ends to thread in. I left it in time-out until news of a new baby got me to roust out the project and over a couple months’ time (there were a LOT of threads to weave in!) I was able to complete it. I packed it up with the picture of her when she first started it and delivered it to the family.

Modeled by Blue

Modeled by Blue

And now the newest member is here…tiny enough so that this sleeping bag looks like it could have been made just for her right from the start. Maybe it was.

Two grandmas make a great love team.

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