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Who knew? My initial contact with performing my Civic Duty began with a weapons confiscation. It was *not* for knitting needles. (I didn’t bring any.) It was *not* for other pointy things. (No pens, knives, letter openers, or hair picks were in danger.) See for yourself what I had confiscated as I entered the courthouse!

modern weapon

Yes, they were serious about cameras. Mine was confiscated. You could keep your camera phone as long as a) it wasn’t on, and b) wasn’t used for actually taking pictures. Any camera phone used for taking pictures will be confiscated and may not be returned… if it was, it would take at least two weeks to be returned. Serious fine as well. Any phone that goes off during a trial is also confiscated. No possibility of a kinnear-shot while inside the building.

The party begins with a speech punctuated with “if you are marked absent at any time during the frequent roll calls you will be rescheduled AND the judge may choose to fine you $2000 and/or jail/community service time.”

We were thanked profusely (and lengthily ad nauseam) for our participation.

I was #54. After two and a half hours of dickering, they only got up to #35 before deciding the jury panel and alternates was sufficiently full and sent us home late for lunch.

In the future I should bring knitting instead of my laptop, no matter how late I am in delivering work!

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