The problem with so many of our toys and hobbies is that we must pay for the supplies with which to indulge in them. My favorite yarns are not cheap, but they last longer than flowers do. (I will not mention the rosemary plants I buy from Hannafords. In my hands, they die almost as quickly as fresh flowers.) During the winter, playing at or practicing with floral arranging has been an indulgence limited to the quick bouquet grab at the food store. I love to have flowers throughout the house, especially in the winter.

Some people buy chocolates. I buy books, yarn, or flowers for my retail therapy.

Thanks to Lee, I have found an enabler for my floral passions. The Power of Flowers Project is about 20 minutes from my house. When a new donation of flowers becomes available they need to be picked up, broken down, refreshed, and repurposed into new bouquets before being delivered, free of charge, to any and all who need a pick-me-up.

Before taking apart the arrangements Paper mache containers form a mountain fo recycling A variety of tall and short containers hold sorted items

Imagine being able to freely play with a room literally *full* of flowers: roses, calla lilies, freesia, tulips, hydrangea, mums, larkspur, iris, exotic greenery, palm fronds, ferns, gerbera daisies, thistles, snapdragons, bells of Ireland, and many I have no name for. Purple spikey thing, green ball of foofy stuff, etc., were the identifiers we randomly used. We understood each other.

I am a ‘process florist’— my joy comes in creating the arrangements. I was totally joyed spending three hours in a chilled room making arrangements over and over for the Power of Flowers Project. I came back the next day when another, even larger donation arrived. There were six of us working for several hours before the last of the usable flowers were gone.

This tray is holding about 20 small arrangements. Floral arrangement creativity

Even so, there was leeway for self indulgence— I brought some straggling flowers home for myself, and dropped off a fresh bouquet at my neighbors’. She loved the treat and I felt terrific for doing it.

Spider mums don't tolerate much handling and are not saved

Read more about the Power of Flowers Project here, and here.