…and the Florida DMV

If you make the mistake of allowing your vehicle registration to expire, your very existence may also be terminated—sort of like those Hindu rites where the wife leaps into the husband’s funeral pyre, you know?

To reinstate your existence, you simply provide proof of birth (legal, embossed-with-state-seal copy of same will also be accepted) along with your current (original, not photo-copied) Social Security (SS) card.

Should you be female, and have been married/changed your name, you will need to show an unbroken chain of legal documentation showing how your name changed from point A (birth certificate) to point B (SS name)–or, in my mothers case,  to point C and point D. Acceptable proof is a copy of the marriage license from the originating city/state. Um… forgot the first state, the next two were Michigan, and the last two were Nevada and New York State. I am not sure she remembers the exact towns or the actual dates anymore, either.

Mother “expired” at midnight on her 81st birthday because:

  • she couldn’t find the neccessary paperwork on her 36″ diameter dining table in time, and
  • the state of Florida refuses to believe one can exist without a current driver/auto registration (they may be right but in that case, so why are they still insisting on getting the tax $$s from an expired resident??)

We will spend tomorrow camped at the closest FL DMV (or whatever they call it) office we can find. Mother is depressed at the prospect of spending an entire day dealing with the convoluted Florida registry, and I can’t say I blame her! I have knitting to do to occupy my hands (a big help to reduce bloodshed) and I am not leaving there until it is resolved one way or another.

Getting old is definitely, MOST definitely, NOT for wimps!