I love getting links from my sister. I enjoy finding interesting links from the blogs I follow, too. But I do not always have a chance to look at links in emails right away. So I marked the email as ‘unread’ to remind me to get back to it at a more convenient time. My inbox is all up-to-date but I still show almost (ulp!) 386 unread emails because I want to go back to them for one reason or another. I know of a few others who do this, too. They are all female. I wonder if there’s a gender connection?

But I digress…

A recent email link (sorry, sis, I can’t remember exactly when it was) referred me to an speech by the author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love.’ I like how author Elizabeth Gilbert thinks about the concept of ‘genius’ and have taken her view as my own.

For those who don’t have a spare 18 minutes this very minute to watch the video, it really boils down to the question of whether or not a person IS a genius, or a person HAS a genius. There is huge pressure in the former, relief in the latter.

Those who have felt the rush of creation in words, music, voice, building, whatever… know that the sensation is unlike any other. Many say they feel ‘possessed’ by some divine inspiration— that the story wrote itself, or the symphony exploded whole within their mind generating a feverish rush to capture it whole before the rushing torrent becomes a wave, then a wisp, then vanishing smoke.

Brainstorming can be like that. Alone or in a group, a new way of looking at things (inside or outside some construct, say, a box) can fire up the neurons to leapfrog into fresh ideas, or cascade a concept through several iterations. This is delightful, entertaining play for me. Hey universe: May I please have a job like that?

The best part to me, however, is freedom from the egotistical concept that you may not always create something genius. You show up and you work and sometimes there’s magic involved. Copywriters and authors bank on that happening frequently enough to pay the bills.

Some days I love my words and they love me back. Other days, not so much. It’s all okay. I has genius. <g>