One of the things that cracked me up most while visiting in NJ for Christmas (this is not the time to discuss the snowy traveling weather we had), was during a trek to the local food store (in the early part of the snow storm, but that’s not important here). McCafferty’s in Princeton had an olive bar. Not a salad bar with a lot of green or black olives, or a pasta bar with olive-heavy antipasto, but a real, full sized olive bar with at least THIRTY variations of olives, olive condiments, olive mixtures, and even olive paste!

I know you use olives in martini’s and some people use them in potato salad (yeuch!), antipasto (another not-my-thing), but there’s more recipes with olives??

Can you tell I am not an olive fan? I was so floored by the idea that an entire island-style bar filled with nothing but olives was profitable in any way, shape, or form, that I talked about it. Maybe I talked about it too much, who knows? I told everyone. I was just so flabbergasted to hear that these things are very popular at Whole Foods stores and many of the people I talked to knew of them.

My sister (of the NJ trip) loves our Hannaford’s and enjoys looking through the store when she visits (cheap dates and easy thrills, that’s my sister and I). Up here for New Year’s Eve celebrations, we went on a (5-minutes-away) day trip so she could explore the store. I had been there just before Christmas, so you wouldn’t think I would be seeing anything new, would you?