I remember a lot of winter holiday traditions growing up: there were those in our own homes, those in our friends homes, and those we *wished* were in our homes (AKA TV Land). Did you do any of these?

  • Thanksgiving turkeys with feathers made by tracing your hands
  • literally decorating the turkey (ascot, funny nose and glasses, etc)
  • paper snowflake cutouts (we reinvented the ‘how-to’ of them every year—now we have Google)
  • the annual Advent Workshop at church making wreaths, candle centerpieces, reindeer-topped pencils, pine cone bird feeders, etc and caroling
  • caroling around the neighborhoods and nursing homes
  • driving around looking at the lights and displays
  • decorating (and eating!) cookies
  • making ornaments with glue, glitter, pasta shapes, etc (totally non-edible)
  • making and decorating graham cracker ‘gingerbread’ houses (also not really edible) (but if the pieces of candy fall off ‘on accident’, they are usually okay to eat)
  • making glue dough pins and magnets as gifts (this recipe is closest to what I use, but there are other good ones, too)
  • decorating freezer paper to use as gift wrap
  • finding *the* tree
  • decorating with sounds, sight, and smells
  • singing the Christmas Cantata and Christmas Eve services
  • watching their eyes light up when they open your gift

When my children were little, I incorporated as many as I could, as best I could. I had mixed results throughout. If only I had access to blogs back then! Hearing the trials and tribulations of other parents also trying to create positive memories would certainly have helped me feel better! Blogger Swistle recounted a Gingerbread House Fail on her blog that had me truly ROTFLMAO. I dug out a photo of a proud first grader with his graham cracker castle (he still dreams big!).
Graham Cracker Castle

While out walking the dogs in our nearby woods, I came across a fully decorated tree in the middle of the forest. It was delightful!

We’ll be decorating our tree this weekend, and hope to get it tomorrow. Between the time we get it home, and clear out the space we put it up at, it will probably be stashed the same place that last year’s tree was:

(Yes, we do have two bathrooms!)