Honest. It hasn’t all been mad cleaning, resume researching, and job search mania. My main sanity and coping activity (outside of music/singing) is knitting.

I have a photo of the recent charity knitting I have done that I put on this post, but it’s gonna take a while to load, so I put it below the text so you would have something to do while you waited for it.

(please wait for it)
I numbered them for some reason.
1 ) Kermit is modeling a blue and white stripe scarf
2 )  The Star-bellied Sneech is sporting a plain vanilla roll brim hat
3 – 6 ) Blue buddy, skunk, polar bear and rubber ducky are modeling more hats in various sizes, sporting one or more leaves or flower on top
7 ) His Pigginess is lounging with a super-soft angora and mohair blend scarf
8 ) The rectangle is an ascot-style scarf with removable flower
9 ) There are matching mittens
10 ) Test knitting is great for making a pair of cotton dish clothes
11 ) I love this cowl/hat combination (pull drawstring to close up cap top)
12 ) Bamboo-silk blend yarn is a dream to knit for this lace-trimmed chemo cap

By this time you should see the image.
It was worth waiting for!

Lest you think I am Mother Theresa reincarnated, every one of those donated charity items gets me another raffle ticket to win an Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom. I *want* that loom. I have serious competition for it, unfortunately!

This is not all of my knitting. A few projects got frogged. There are various stealth projects both completed and in the works (Christmas is coming in less than three weeks, people!), and there’s the stuff I knitted and delivered without taking pictures. (gotta work on that)

So… what have you been up to?