After almost a dozen years with the same company, some things just stick with you. They are as ingrained as etched wrinkles on hands and faces accustomed to life, and so ordinary that you no longer notice them. It’s been over a week and I am still tripping myself up.

In the midst of working on a document, I might channel a co-worker who keeps her mouse buttons swapped. It’s not because she is left-handed but because it is more ergonomically beneficial for her. Mixing up your left and right mouse buttons can totally confuse the daylights out of most people, not just me. The sad thing is it might take me a few moments to realize why something is not happening that I expect to, and in those few moments I will have repeated the swapped mouse thing several times, expecting the answer/action to change. (sigh)

Family and friends have often teased me about the way I answer the phone. A smattering of personal phone call greetings:
“What.” (said in a normal, not querying, tone)
“Who’s this?”

How I answer the phone:
“Good morning/afternoon/evening.”

I get mistaken for being a business which is helpful when being bombarded with charity and political cold callers. In an office it is just considered good (business) manners so I never got teased there. At home? I get hangups because the caller thought they miss-dialed.

I am still up and dressed in the morning, logging on the computer to check threads I am following, email. etc. Hubby is a long-time self-employed programmer. He stumbles down the hall in his jammies and doesn’t shower and dress until midday.

And I feel like I am playing hooky when I take the puppies for an extended midday walk. (The guilt thing? It *so* has to go!)