and Scentsdisability

In the cold and flue season, it is common practice to supply hand sanitizer for community gatherings. Many churches offer small containers of both tissues and hand sanitizer in the pews.

Up in the choir loft there is the ubiquitous container of hand sanitizer, but choir members are expected to provide their own tissues. The black music folders have small side pockets to tuck tissues into. The tissues could remain there for months if the member was exceptionally healthy. Other times, tucking one or two tissues is simply not enough and one must plead in hushed whispers for a spare from a neighboring singer.

Although most singers do not wear heavy scent (it tends to interfere with the vocal chords and breathing), this same precaution does not appear to extend to tissues. Scented tissues, left inside a music folder for weeks on end actually end up with a stronger scent than they started with.

An unsuspecting recipient of said scented tissue might then erupt into a full-scale sneezing fit instead of a discrete nasal expulsion.

I’m just sayin’.