It is a very strange sensation when the frogs bite back.

Eating a frog for breakfast every now and then (so that nothing worse will happen to you that day) is a good practice. By tackling and completing (or just making progress on) an avoided a delayed issue first thing in the day, you feel a sense of satisfaction and I-can-do-anything empowerment. That feeling can fire you up for the rest of the day.

A lot of the 500-pound gorillas in the room are really just puffed-up frogs. I never believe that even though I know it to be a fact.

So, when I walked into the meeting and saw the 500-pound gorilla trying to hide in the corner, looking at me with sorry eyes (they usually avoid eye contact) I knew there was going to be some frogs involved. And frogs do bite.

The 50-pound gorilla began to shrink the moment they began speaking. In less than 5 minutes it was small enough to flutter-kick my chest. Eliminating the job I held was sadly necessary as the company moved forward with its plans. Best of luck wishes, etc., etc.

The frog and I left the room. A 72-hour truce was declared between us, but the frog knew his days were numbered.

This is the best possible time for me to try new avenues of employment. I have no small children at home that need new clothes, trips to the pediatrician, medicines, and an inordinate amount of food. I am in good health. I am not dead, yet. There’s plenty of time to try one (or more!) places to explore and things to learn and do. Maybe I’ll find one that’ll even pay me so I can finish paying the blasted tooth fairy!