All gone.

After 71 days, nothing is left in the driveway. It took the combined effort of Team Mulch and the last (unofficial) weekend of summer to do it. Yes, the mountain of mulch (three cubic yards is a LOT of mulch!) has been reduced to nada and I am thrilled. I couldn’t have done it without the assistance of Team Mulch (in order of appearance):

*Maeve was not part of the laboring team, but her cheerful, chattering presence was definitely entertaining!

I can park in the driveway again. The neighbors can talk about someone elses’ incomplete home project, now that our fodder of our summer-long mountain of mulch in the driveway instead of in garden beds has been moved. When the snows come I won’t worry how the snow blower will maneuver around the remaining mound at the top of the driveway (and I was WAS worried it might come to that!).

I sport a few more not-sure-where-that-came-from bruises, but am otherwise intact.

It’s been an awesome weekend and I am soooo happy that
It’s gone*.

*That would be the mulch gone, not the weekend gone, but you already figured that out, didn’t you?