There are consequences to breaking the law. In Massachusetts it is particularly important to avoid traffic violations of any kind because state law requires auto insurance premiums to go up until you have had incidence-free periods. In my case, I got a speeding ticket (clear weather, excellent road conditions, singing along with the radio and not paying attention… Bam!) that added 2 points to my clean record. My auto insurance this year is almost 200% higher than it was last year due to the loss of Good Driver Discounts and penalties. For each incident-free policy year, I get one point removed. If I add more points, the insurance rates go higher and it takes more years to work them off my record.

Stephen points out that this is an excellent point in favor of moving out of Taxachusetts. I look at property taxes in surrounding states and do not have the same point of view he does.

In principle, I agree with the idea that drivers with good driving records should pay less than those who have accidents and get speeding tickets. I was all behind it, accepting the Good Driver Discounts and all, until I got hit with the huge surcharge for my single traffic ticket. Money is said to be a great inducement in altering behavior. I have not noticed improved driving practices in those on the roadways with me. I console myself with the thought that their insurance premiums must be *really* huge.

Although I have noticed that *I* pay more attention to my speed rates and local speed limits far more than I used to…

In addition to the laws made by humans, there are also the reverberations related to disregarding the physical laws. I try to be a law-abiding citizen. I endeavor to live by the Golden Rule and treat young and old with respect and courtesy. I tithe. I pray. Surely I should have accumulated some level of good karma, yes? I must have, because I am blessed in so many ways, every day. And yet…

There is one law I regularly have trouble with obeying. It’s a basic law. It’s the one called ‘gravity.’ (Thoughts and sounds of Elphabah singing ‘Defying Gravity’ from ‘Wicked’ fill my head as I write this.)

I was in the process of getting the large garbage barrel out to the curb last night when a new gravity pocket opened up under my left foot (why should my right foot have all the fun ?) and down I went. I elevated and iced it and went to bed.

This morning I couldn’t walk on it. Out came the boot. The straps are facing inside instead of outside, but that is the only difference between a right and left air compression boot. The doctor said I did the right thing and sent me for x-rays just in case. No word so far, so it’s probably just a horridly huge hematoma that will turn spectacular colors just in time to head up to the Farm this weekend.

Do you have trouble with laws? Which ones?