…is the guest.

Who never leaves.

The best you can do, after you have wallowed in your pity party for a bit, is take advantage of the situation. Find the hidden benefits and embrace them (there are always more than one) whole-heartedly.

I have had the house to myself since Wednesday evening, so…

  • I have had popcorn *with* butter and salt as a meal four times in the past three days.
  • I have slept with the window shades up every night and woken to a room flooded in beautiful morning light
  • I have caught up with all the latest summer season shows (Royal Pains, The Haven, White Collar, and Covert Affairs) and knit a pair of toe-up socks up past the heel (more than half done!)
  • Duncan and I bathed and groomed outside and he looks marvelous (although I have a few more clumsy scrapes and bruises that are not Duncan’s fault)
  • Dixie is sporting a trim that shows off her beautiful, expressive, golden brown eyes
  • and I have labored over a work project that is far more complicated than it should be (the title in the index does not match the title on the indicated page–confusing to say the least!)

The weekend was not a total suckfest.