I was worried that my adjustments to the leaf cardigan would result in insufficient string supply, so I scarfed up another skein via the internet (ahem, *not* on sale, but not retail, either) and then ended up with that full skein plus the rest of the contrasting color. What to do with it? There wasn’t enough for a matching sweater for her mom. There was too much to waste on just a hat.

So I browsed…. and browsed… and found the perfect pattern at Lion Brand. It was a freebie, to boot.

This was a quick and easy knit that I converted to knitting in the round until reaching the upper torso. I used up almost all of the yellow, and every single bit of the contrasting color. As in, I was being very careful to leave only the minimum amount of yarn to weave back in… and it was touch and go whether or not the top ties would be striped!

After I delivered it last Saturday, we went to the Portsmouth Market Day (drizzly, grey, but a good outing with the grandkids) where I saw another child (toddler) sporting an almost identical outfit. I may have started the poor child when I darted after her, touched the fiber, and asked her mom, “Did you knit this?” Fortunately the child forgave my rude behavior as her mom raved about the aunt who knit it.

I think I’ll knit another one!