peas! butter lettuce! cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers and eggplant!

and those silly morning glories that I thought would never sprout…did. I may even have to thin them this week…Wow! Seeds, dirt, water, and sun make green sprouts. Amazing! (I also think that sticks and string that produce socks, sweaters, and baby blankets is nothing short of amazing, too. Am I easily amazed? Perhaps. Your problem with this is…?) I even found the ones that I planted in the back yard are poking their noses above the soil line. Wow!

I heard of bale gardening from Suzie B and decided it sounded fun, so I took the left-over bale of straw from the front yard grass seeding and followed the online instructions for preparing it for gardening use. Basically that means you soak it every day and don’t let it dry out. When you do that around here, you are assured of a bumper crop of


But that is where I planned to plant the tomatoes so Jakie couldn’t steal them before I could harvest them. I hoped to put zucchini’s there as well, but it seems that I purchased no zucchini plants. Humph! The tomato stands aloof and alone.

As the first day of the holiday weekend wore on, I slowed down, but persevered.

I cleaned the doggie pool, pouring the wash water onto thirsty grass as well as the new garden area. Duncan was the first to romp in it; Dixie followed through and off they went in a dancing chase through the yard. What a lovely romp!

This has been a Spring of awesomeness…the best in a very long, long time. There were a couple days of outrageous summer sun and temperatures sprinkled in the seas of blue skies and temperate temperatures. The greenery abounds and dances across all landscapes. I love it!

Balancing Acts…
For every fruitful day of productivity on the home front, I now pay for it with a day of *not*. Sometimes it is muscle strain and pain when I forget to pace the work properly; other times a capricious migraine takes over, leaving me exhausted in its wake. This weekend I suffered a tummy-related trauma that allowed me out to sing at Sunday service (fortunately there was only one scheduled instead of two) but became too incapacitating to allow anything else… including SnB! I spent the rest of the day in bed and on the couch nestled with an herbal heating pad. As the light of day faded, so did the tummy trouble. Blech!

On the positive side, I finally got to see the latest ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and it was great!

Life lives on… a product of the past, and shaped by hopeful futures. My life may not matter much beyond my lifetime, but while I am here, Life matters a great deal to *me* and, I hope, to those I love.