I love dictionary.com to expand my word knowledge, but it isn’t the only place I learn new words. Business jargon is a rich resource of odd terminology. A new one to me in Microsoft-speak is “dogfooding”, which is the act of using a product or service internally so that its developers can experience it the same way that customers will.

Yeah, like they actually do that at Microsoft!

If I were a dog, I would think this is a veiled insult. Of course, if I *were* a dog and you handed me the same treat you eat, I wouldn’t give two hoots whether you gave one to yourself as well, as long as I had my own.

But… imagine if the whole world did that. No more ‘do what I say, not what I do’ confusion! Parents would actually have to follow the rules they expect their children to follow. Teachers would be held to the same code of ethics and courtesy they demand of their students. Police officers would have to abide by the same rules of conduct that they are charged to uphold. People of Faith (regardless of their religion) would be charged to practice what they preach.

Oh my!

Just for today, I dare you to practice dogfooding!