The bricks have all been laid and the last of the debris long gone. Our-new-best-friend-Dave outdid himself in bringing to fruition a glimmer of a plan that was years in the making. Final pictures waited for…

Grass seed was next on the list, and I casually mentioned that we might want to get some straw to protect the lawn from becoming a very large bird feeding station. I was assured that would be unnecessary because the bird problem really wasn’t that bad. The day after DH spread the grass seed, however, torrential rains set in. Our-new-best-friend-Dave and DH went on frantic searches for straw to hold the seed in place. They found some, and spread it in the increasingly heavy rain.

And then… sun and rain did their magic…

Ahem… there is grass *and* other green stuff that, when mowed, looks just the same as grass, so we are happy. There is a thick welt of grass growing at the street edge, runoff from the torrential rains when the seed was first spread, but that’s okay.

I planted some Morning Glory seeds by the new lamp post and they are actually growing! My experience with them has been that they start slow and then suddenly go garbanzo beans in late summer. The best set was from a nursery a few years back. They grew up the light pole and even began to cover the light at the top of it. Why didn’t they dry up from the heat of the lamp? Don’t know. Don’t really care!

The final step involves solar pathway lights. They were on sale at Home Depot so we got a case of them. Now we can’t seem to decide or agree where they should go. To the left of the walkway? The right? Near the steps? To the street? Stay tuned for exciting developments!

Parking in the driveway again is so nice! I don’t need to move my car for SEW to get his bike out of the garage. I can open my car doors and not hit a wall. No more new damage/chips to my door paint! Huzzah!

Thank you, Dave. Your work on our front lawn brought a lot of foot traffic by our house, and we got to talk with new-to-us neighbors as well as familiar ones. We enjoyed compliments and kudos from passers-by and you got a bit of extra work out of it from neighbors looking for tweaks and upgrades to their own landscaping hardscapes.