We were going to be adventurous. Open a new window! Open a new door! Try something we had never tried before!

“Bertucci’s has a new spring menu that sounds good.”

“Nope—I want something more adventurous than that. Not Italian. We eat Italian all the time. I like fish but I’m not in the mood for seafood. We eat at the Vietnamese place almost every time I visit. How about that restaurant your friend mentioned? Ole, was it? I see they have a tapas platter. It’s not far.”

“Hours?” I replied, in the shorthand language known to all families. No need for a complete sentence when a single word will do.

“Oh… they aren’t open on Sundays.”

“Bummer. Well, how about a Cuban or Mexican restaurant? There are several different ethnic restaurants around here and in the next town over. How about Cafe Madrid? It has tapas, too.”

“Also not open on Sunday.”

“La Boniche?”


On through the listing of ethnic fine dining (read: dress nice, not fast-food) available in and around home, the answers were the same. We only saw Italian, Seafood, and Chinese/eastern restaurants that were open on Sundays. We looked through the phone book and online to locate something that met our adventurous spirits. We spent over an hour looking…

How frustrating! A simple celebratory meal shouldn’t take so bleepin’ much effort—particularly one we weren’t even cooking ourselves!


In the end, we ended up where we began. The wait was only 15 minutes, not the 25 cited. Bertucci’s new spring menu was very nice, indeed.

Happy birthday, Susan.