A co-worker used the term ‘dirt nap’ and after a beat or two, I got it.

Not ready for a dirt nap, yet… Unless it is above ground and doesn’t involve clergy, any dirt napping I may do would be the exhaustion kind that follows hours of manual labor in the yard. My body and clothes stained with sweat and mud streaks, I could see me sitting down to rest (just for a moment!) and my eyes drifting closed. Within a scant breath of time I would be dozing, impervious to rocks digging into my back, or grass and weeds tickling my skin… In that limbo time that stretches and collapses both seconds and hours, I bet I’d be smiling.

This restful, bucolic moment would be interrupted by a puppy lick and a wagging tail. If I am outside, I must be there to watch them play, right?

Dixie and Duncan wanna play