While I am not a chocoholic, I do appreciate Snickers and Heath bars and things of that ilk from time to time. Seasonal addictions for candy corn at Halloween don’t tempt me away from my carb slut focus. But when Easter rolls around…

I am totally all about the jelly beans. My current favorites are the Starburst jelly beans, but I love the original Brach ones, too… pure sugar with a touch of flavoring, crunching the coating and getting to the business end—the jelly part. Now, why I never really got into the gummy bear craze, I cannot say. Maybe it is the missing crisp sugar candy coating. I like contrasts, you see. Or not.

In my attempts at being a ‘good example for the children’ I have hidden camouflaged my addiction by focusing on the other celebration aspects of the holiday, namely, the Easter Egg Tree, and non-candy treats in the Easter Basket(s). (Don’t have a cow, mom, the religious aspect, the music, and the Christian faith all come before this part.)

As you may have noticed, my coping skill du jour is knitting. A *lot* of knitting. So the basket for our grandkids this year included just these and nothing else. What you saw above was Liam’s view. This was mine.

And this was Docious’s :

p.s. All credit for Eastery knitting patterns and ideas go to CCR who originally posted her versions of bunnies, birds, and eggs last month.