After days and days of unrelenting rain, driving winds, flooded roads, and endlessly dreary landscapes…


Our new best friend Dave continued to work on the brick laying through all but the worst of the torrential downpours. There is progress to report.

I am *in* the driveway!

I cannot convey the horrid spread of time that was Monday and Tuesday this week. Sheets of rain obscured potholes in roadways, buried the ground level below many-many inches of water, and swirled over sewer openings too full to alleviate roadway flooding.

Adding insult to injury, work was also endless—stretching time like a rubber band, making one day last more like three. In fact, they were more like days in February than days in March…

This afternoon the sun returned. I even drove home in sunlight and blue skies. Being able to actually PARK in my own driveway for the first time in over 18 months was WUNderful!

Life has many of these mini-victories and joys. Embrace them! It helps reduce the suckage parts.