We were blessed with the presence of grandchildren this weekend. They brought their two puppies and with our two puppies, we had a real Caesar Milan-style puppy pack in residence! Remy, in particular, enjoyed the freedom of our doggy door, running in and out and in and out and… it made me dizzy to watch, so I stopped watching.

More excitement! The front seat viewing was crowded:

Rapt attention was paid as more bricks took their place in line, DH encircled the front yard dogwood with bricks. Aidan and Liam transplanted the crocus into the new planting bed inside it. Much tromping up and down the new walkways helped pack the bricks firmly (there was a machine for that, but the boys knew their contribution made a big difference!).

Already I am adjusted to no forsythia bushes in front of the house. No squashed evergreen bushes, or over-grown flaming bush hide the side yard or front of the house. Today the grass seed was spread and lightly raked in, ready for the incoming rains to (hopefully) soak them into the ground, take root, and flourish. Then again,the rains we have had lately are not the light misting or gentle soaking kind… they have been the flooding, drenching, wash-it-all-away kind. DH prepared by buying *extra* bags of grass seed.

DSis asked for shots of the driveway. Not too much to see just now… just mountains of bricks ready to begin laying in:


Side Note #1: We are all exhausted!
Side Note #2: Soldier Socks for DS are DONE!