The puppies announced the arrival (*before* 7 AM) of the workers come to take our worries and rocks away. After a 10-15 minute second-by-second update from Dixie and Duncan (woo-woo! and woof!, they settled in on the front couch to watch. The noise was unsettling, but with their human pack leaders in sight, they settled in and even escaped to inspect the project up close a time or two.

To recap, Sunday afternoon, the view was: (click on images to embiggen them)


On Monday the loose bricks on the front walkways were lifted and carted off to the back and side of the yard. Areas were marked for excavation. This morning (if I haven’t been to bed yet, it is still ‘this’ morning) the work began in earnest:

DH assured me that I was better off at my morning dental appointment and later at work, because there were several heart-stopping moments when the sheer size of the rocks threatened to topple workers or crash into non-sanctioned areas. But all ended well. (read: What I don’t know won’t drive me crazy.)

After finishing the driveway rock walls, the crew turned their attention to scraping the front lawn (goodbye dandelions! goodbye weeds! goodbye grubs! goodbye green stuff we mowed and called ‘lawn’!), smoothing out the grade from the house to the street, removing the forsythia (DH has always hated it—allergies, don’cha know) and assorted other plantings (did you know that the pretty Flaming Bush is considered an invasive plant in Massachusetts? I can show you why…).

Fortunately for me and my shoes, the base for the brick walkway was spread before I had to climb through the mud to the front door tonight.

Yes, Dave and his crew are definitely our new best friends. They worked 11 hours straight in raw, wet weather. The only mud in the house came from our puppies.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it. And they are due back tomorrow. Brick time!