Our new best friend is “Dave.”

Dave is tearing down (more like the wolf who huffed and puffed, because there is not much holding them upright at this point) our decrepit driveway walls tomorrow. To prepare for this event, over the weekend we had to tear up relocate the plants along the walls and consider where their best survival rate location would be just in case they stayed there for… um… a year or more while we dithered, disagreed, and fussed over the *best* relocation location.

DH excavated the wiring to the front lamp which turned out to have been embedded in concrete. Not salvageable. It looks like a drunken sailor listing to port (starboard?) in this picture. This image also shows the earth eruptions of plant excavation. The Hosta struggled mightily with the ever-expanding chipmunk condo residents of our rock walls. I have no doubt it will survive and rejoice no matter where we put it as long as it is away from the tiny rodents nibbling on its roots.

The poppies are probably *not* going to weather the move because they really haven’t liked anyplace I have tried planting them here. Planting flowering bulbs, tubers, and bushes are really like longer-lasting floral arrangements for me. Most die or do not come back as nicely in following seasons. My sister inherited all of Grampa’s gardening glory. Like him, her touch and casual (but passionate) gardening efforts always brings out the very best that any plant can offer. Me, not so much.

In preparation for bringing the walls down tomorrow, our best friend Dave came this morning at 7:10 AM and literally shoveled up the remainder of the front brick walkway. The same bricks we had been picking out one by one and stacking, he just came and shoveled up out of the ground in a matter of moments.

Since the stairway was built into the rock wall itself (and repaired a few times after harsh winters), they actually have some concrete holding them up and together. Not so the rocks they were built into.

The general theme here is that access to the driveway is hazardous. Access to the side parking pad is impossible due to the mountains of gravel already dumped in preparation for the new walls. As of this evening, I have about ten feet at the extreme left of our property to park on the street to be out of the way of the workers who will be bringing trucks and heavy equipment to remove the big rocks at…um… around 7-7:10 AM tomorrow morning.

And yet, despite all the tromping, heavy raking, brick erupting, wheelbarrow toting… some plants still poked their delicate heads above ground to say “Spring!”