What if the Book of Psalms was written for the New Testament instead of the Old? With the compassion of Christ foremost, rather than the impatient, judgmental, selfish piety and brimstone harshness of the patriarchal precepts of God as seen through the eyes, the voices, the understanding of Man at that time?

Okay, I admit to a bit of a bias, here. I do not mean that all of the Psalms are like the book of Deuteronomy, with its harsh laws for a harsh land, but there are few that are totally without the whiny “why me? kill my enemy! vengeance!” in them. I do enjoy many of them for the songs they are so obviously written for—both the sorrow and grief, but mostly those celebrating the joy of life, love, and hope. My favorite is “make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands” because that includes the joyful shrieks of chortling babies, the dancing ‘woo-woofs’ of my puppies, and the contented sighs of loving, in addition to traditional music and rhythm.

I don’t know why this thought stream obsessed me at church when I ought to have been paying attention to the sermon. Sometimes it just be’s that way. My mind wanders off into a sermon digression and occasionally doesn’t return until the closing hymn. It’s times like that that I really wish I could knit in church. If I had sticks and string in my hands I would be more likely to really listen to the sermon, but non-knitters just don’t get that.

So… my mind wanders a bit. At least this time it was at least somewhat related to religion and church!