Yup. That’s me. I spent 8-10 hours working in a chilly, damp garage in Florida. I shook dust off of papers, boxes, and bins. I wiped mold off same. Floors were swept, aisles were cleared, organization was paramount! Empty bins were collected in one area. Holiday decorations (New Years, Halloween, Easter, etc) were collected in another area, gardening supplies in yet another centralized location. Guess who is sneezing and wheezing now?

That would be me.

Picture it: A crowded airport–a woman sneezing and wheezing with copious tissues, napkins, and wadded Kleenex bulging out of her pockets. Red-nosed, fuzzy-headed, and still drippy… yup, still me, scrambling, begging, badgering, and beseeching flight attendants for additional soppage material.

I have to go back to work tomorrow, I have PT before work. BEFORE work! Yeuck! (I was not diligent in maintaining the exercises while on holiday in the Sunshine state…)

After a dose of sinus medication and TWO hot toddies I am still dripping, still sneezing…. but I admit, I don’t mind at all… To bed, perhaps to dream (of warmth and health)…