And that is without even trying! I was not even on *my* Facebook most of the time, but attempting to assist mother in getting set up.

The joke is that I do not regularly update my Facebook account. Like many of the online accounts I have, I joined to appease the pressing entreaties of my DSis who was enamored of Facebook.

DSis also got me onto PhotoBlog, MySpace, and WebShots. Those accounts languish in the dust mostly, although she does occasionally update her PhotoBlog.

I started today in Facebook and throughout the day struggled to restore mother’s password, create an offline visual reference for her, upload a picture or two, and encourage her to spend time playing in the many areas available to expand family and friend connections.

She was flabbergasted at how many people she knew were already on Facebook. She was amazed at how I could chat with family members also online.

She may be hooked.