Farewell incisors. Farewell bicuspids and molars. It took regular infusions of Novocain to complete the five excisions, but eventually you all released your hold. You were all almost as old as I am, but of late we both know your lease on life was extended a bit too long.

My tongue wasn’t numb. It could feel the toothless gums still spurting warm blood, but my tongue (chicken!) refused to go there. Did you know that one of the reasons they add epinephrine to Novocain is to reduce and slow the bleeding? It also helps the Novocain last longer. I, unfortunately, can’t take it, hence the multiple shots into my gums to keep the level of numbness high enough to counter the ongoing dental work.

Ongoing for four and a half hours—with no breaks, two dental surgeons working in tandem and up to three dental assistants welding sucker tubes, spraying tepid water to clear out the work areas.


The temporary replacement for my teeth was built from molds taken over a month ago. The resulting resin cast was over-sized and misaligned. An extra hour was spent in grinding and shaving it down to fit within my mouth and simulate teeth.

My mouth looks like my mothers dentures. The dentists are thrilled. I am not.

The final replacements will be shinier, less thick (right now the bulk in my mouth feels like a cows cud, even the incisors), and with a better alignment that wont cause my lips to protrude

I go back in a week for further adjustments. Right now the swelling and continued bleeding make it difficult to make the aesthetic refinements that would help my fragile, vain ego accept the inevitable aging (not to mention the expense–debt free for the past ten years until I took on a hefty two year chunk for this process).

DH had a lovely bouquet of gerbera daisies and freesia on the table when I finally got home.

Dixie keeps coming over to sniff at my mouth and lay her paw on my arm. Duncan trades places with Dixie on the couch next to me, sprawling his soft, furry body along my thigh.

When I finally stop whining and feeling sorry for myself, it’ll all be good. Just maybe not right right away.