I read a lot of blogs…or what seems like a lot to me. I have a couple dozen on my subscription list and they often lead me to others I enjoy. If I really enjoy them, I have been known to go back to the beginning of the blog and read it through to the present.

If they are long-winded verbose write a lot, this can be a HUGE time-sink. Enjoyable, yes, but not the most productive use of my time. There are many entries I come across that were written months and years back that I want to comment on, applaud, query, or otherwise touch back with the writer. then I wonder… How weird would it be to read a comment skatey-eight months after you posted it? What if, as I read on in the entries, the issues I was interesting in commenting on change so much that my comment is redundant or worse, rude and inconsiderate?

This is why lurkers exist.
(melody fades in)
I lurk you. You lurk me. We both lurk too easily…
(melody fades out…)

Anyway, the phrase that started all this meandering was:

“Don’t be afraid of failing; be afraid of succeeding at the wrong thing.”

Swistle wrote it, saying it came from theKate blog. It was #16 on Kate’s list.

I thought a bit about that ‘succeed at the wrong thing’ bit — and recalled many tasks I get stuck with doing simply because I am good at them. I may be bored to tears with them, but I can’t get anyone else to do them because why go for new and inexperienced when you can get old (sigh) and experienced for the same cost?

This ‘oldie’ is going to practice the word *no* as often as possible for those projects… you’ll let me know if the world ends, won’t you?