I swear I didn’t do anything to cause it. I woke up with the messed up ankle… so I’m back on crutches and in an air cast (I really have gotten my money’s worth from that thing!). The crutches needed shortened because Stephen used them last. I smiled to myself as he cussed the screws and wing nuts tightened so much that he had trouble loosening them because he was the one who made them that way.

I have been to the doctor who sent me for x-rays. The x-ray technician refused to comment. The doc will give me a note if I need it but let’s face it— it’s not like this is unusual for me to injure myself. At least for today I cannot drive (Stephen played chauffeur this morning), the foot must be rested, iced for 20 minutes three times today, and I can take ibuprofen for the ‘discomfort’ (ow-ee!). I still have NO CLUE how it happened. I stepped out of bed on my left foot. No problem. But when I put the other foot down— wow-zers did I see stars!

I used crutches to hobble to and from the appointments this morning. This is not a recommended activity for me because (ahem) I have a precarious grasp on coordination at best, and a better-than-average affinity for gravity pockets. (sigh)

Back home again, I loaded up with both laptops, my cell phone, and water. All set to rock n’ roll… except I couldn’t get into my computer at work. The new Cisco VPN client was not accepting my password. After several rounds with long distance IT, we narrowed down the single character that was the culprit, made a new password just for the VPN account, and since then I have been answering emails, reviewing a contract, and generally being a good little do-be busy worker bee.

The air cast makes it possible to hobble without the crutches in the house. This is a good thing. One cannot labor on laptops with copious water glasses and coffee cups without needing to take a bio break…