“Who begins too much accomplishes little.”
— German Proverb

Ahhh… yes, we are a group of people insanely optimistic in our abilities. We multi-task. We trade off socks with cowls, slippers and sweaters, hats and more… as if by having more things on the needles at the same time we can somehow complete more in the same amount of time.

This we know is crazy-talk, but we do it anyway.

Once upon a time I only had one knitting project going at a a time. This meant that when I was tired of the pattern, the boredom of acres of stockinette, or fiddly cables, or color-changes, I would put the project in time out and fuss about what I would RATHER be knitting. Sometimes the time-out lasted years.

My sister and I have since declared such things ‘craft supplies’. Anything labeled as such does not need to conform to the standard rules of maturity (finish one thing before you start another), or fiscal responsibility (tossing, rather than OD’ing on eggs as we collected enough empty eggshells for our annual egg trees). Over the past three, no wait, four? several decades I think we have extravagantly wasted about $15.83 on perfectly good raw egg because we simply could not stomach another quiche, scrambled, or souffle egg meal. I can live with that.

No, you may not ask how old the oldest time-out project is. You may wonder all you want how many projects I have OTN (on the needles) because I doubt I could give you an accurate number anymore off the top of my head.

Um… my name is Kali and I knit.