I should be working on the Westford Chorus Playbill, or in bed because tomorrow comes too early and I have had a cold and too little sleep but…

Today’s joy was spending time with Liam, Aidan, and Docious and their parents who spent the night with us. I had to return to work midday, but I had the morning with them and returned for dinner with them at home instead of at their place.

That was a long lead-in for the conversation Liam and I had after dinner…

“More chocolate!”

“No, Liam, you have already had two chocolates.”

“I can still reach them.”

You are right. I will help you by putting them up where you cannot reach them.”

“But I can climb on a stool and get to them.”

“Hmmm…this is true. I will move them again.”

“I can climb a chair and reach them, see?”

“Just because you CAN reach reach them does not change the fact that you are not allowed any more.”

“I can wait until you are not looking and sneak up to reach them.”

“Just because you CAN, does not make it right. If you take something you know you are not supposed to have, it is like stealing.”

(crest-fallen face)
“But I WANT more chocolate.”

“Chocolate is good, isn’t it? Even if you can get more, and even if you can do it without anyone knowing except you, it would still be wrong.”

(serious upset face, brow furrowed trying to reason a way around the logic)
“But I WANT it.”

“The two pieces you had were delicious, right? When I have trouble not having more of something I like, I have to find something else to do to take my mind off it. Like…read a book.”

“I’ll still want it.”

“Probably. Which book would you like to try?”

This conversation went on a bit longer, but eventually he was trundled off home to his own bed (still protesting, but weakly).

The best part? It was more a dialog than a tantrum. He listened and heard my answers and tried to create a solution that met objectives. That is one smart four-year-old kid.